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Another Dimension: DBZ Fanworks

SSJSongfox's Fanart

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"R" Rated Pictures indicated by Spice Warnings
Most recent pictures indicated by *NEW* in purple
Videl and Gohan: Gohan has been training Videl for quite a while and begins to feel that he can trust her with his secret.
Final Atonement: Vegeta reflecting on his life and loved ones before sacrificing himself to Buu.
He Loves Me: Bulma's premonition was right: something happened to Vegeta. After hearing how he sacrificed himself for her, she flies to the battlefield where she realises why he did it - to protect those he loves.
Profile: exactly what the title says. A quicky doodle drawn and colored with Adobe PS 6.0
Bulma's Prince in color: Young Bulma fed up with another one of Yaumcha's ordeals. She's wishing for her Prince. PAINSTAKINGLY colored with PS 6.0... I didn't know how to use the gradient tool yet.
The Men in Pan's Life: Pan's life is full of amazing men - Gohan's her Dad, Goku's her Grandpa, Trunks is her boyfriend, and Vegeta is like her...Father-in-law! She's so lucky *sigh*
Gothic Vegeta: Late one night while thinking of different ways to draw Vegeta, this kinky little idea popped into my head. I love those dark eyes...and that leather.
One Moment Alone: It's rare to see Chi Chi and Goku being romantic (and Goku with a mature look on his face), so I had to make this picture. Goku helping Chi Chi experience flight.
Truth: Vegeta showing Bulma how deeply he loves her. I love the sketchy quality of this pic.
Spice Warning!
Destiny: Based two years after Trunks was born - He and Bulma are on a Spring-time walk.
Future Bra: This is a Future form of Bra in an original adaptaion of the Sayajin Uniform - it's lighter and more streamline, yet tougher. She was the start of a future series I have in mind.
Have I Seen You Before?: The second pic in my Future series. It's Pan looking up at a striking man that she seems to recognize some how. that tattoo on his arm should be a clue.
When Nobody's Watching: After a long, strenuous workout, Vegeta decides to call it a night. When nobody's watching him, he catches a glimpse of Bulma getting ready for bed. Not just 'that baka onna' anymore.
A Young Prince: A slightly kinder, gentler looking Vegeta. The young prince (before he was taken by Frieza) still adorning the bangs and cape.
The Love of a Warrior: a Super Saiya-jin Goku, mid-battle, taking time to connect to Chi Chi telepathically. My idea for this pic was based on the idea that Goku is more serious and mature when focused on battle; And the idea that Saiya-jins have bonds that connect them to their mates. I really like how this pic turned out.
The Final Straw: OK, lemme explain where I got the idea for this pic. You know that 7-Eleven commercial where the 2 guys are sitting in the car with sodas they just bought between their legs? I was so amused, that I decided to create a Goku and Vegeta pic in a similar vain. I love the look on Vegeta's face.
Meeting of Two Warriors: I was inspired to do a cross-over, but instead I invented a character. I wanted to create a meeting between Vegeta and another fighter, to discuss their respective universes. This girl remains unnamed as of now, but I hope to bring her back in another picture.
Vegeta: Wow, what a creative title! Just what the title says, this is Vegeta flexing to show off. Just a fun picture.
Launch on the Beach: A request, asked of me by Elite Saiyan, of Launch relaxing in the sun by the water on Roshi's island. It's on the request page too, I just thought it was too good to only post there - so I put it here, too!
The Legend: A close-up profile of Goku training soon after he first turned Super Sayajin - sweat covered, looking intense, glowing with pure ki.
More Than a Spar: Vegeta and Goku sparring. Only, it's could never be just that - Vegeta still holds his vendetta against the "third class," but Goku's beginning to show his true potential.

I've drawn these free-hand from screencaps and printed pictures. They're all old-school, mostly from 2000-2001.
SSJ Goku: This was the first DBZ drawing I ever completed, free-hand or original, the very first one!! I Love Goku with the "I won't take shit from anybody" look on his face!!
3 Warriors: This was my 2nd ever DBZ Free-hand, I think it turned out pretty good considering it was done all in pen so I couldn't erase! Goku overlooking Trunks and Goten as they fight...
The Face of Evil: But he's such a HOT evil 0_0...Anyway, this was drawn after "3 Warriors," actually on Christmas Day, off of a computer screen.
Hi Daddy!: This was drawn out of a manga. It took about 10 Minutes. He's so cute!
Saiyaman Un-Masked: Gohan lunging with pure unbridled fury at Spopovich to save Videl.
Gohan's Last Nerve: This is Gohan as he reaches his breaking point and gets the strength to overpower and desrtoy Cell.

The place for everything involving the meeting of DBZ and the creations of your imagination. Self insertions, requests involving SSJSongfox and the DBZ men...anything...
*NEW* Vegeta || Keeping Vegeta at bay. Don't fuck with me in my Harem. He likes it.
*NEW* Goku || Sometimes you just can't resist the strongest man in the universe. Especially when he's subject to my imagination. *sigh* again with the shameless self-insertions.

This is art I've done that may not relate directly to DBZ, but still deserves to be seen. Here I'll post my elementals, DBZ Crossovers, Site art, and other miscellaneous pics.
*NEW* This is a background I made from a screen capture of Majin Vegeta.
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